Are you a student enjoying both your organic chemistry theory and practical courses? Are you keen to acquire some new skills in the lab, and become a master of selectively building molecules? Then a research project in our lab is for you! We are a group of hard-working and dedicated individuals with a common interest in developing new synthetic methodologies that incorporate advanced tools, technologies and techniques to deliver robust and reliable chemical processes.

Final Year Projects

The research group looks to take on several undergraduate students every year. Projects are in the area of Organic Synthesis using modern tools and technologies to develop synthetic methods aimed at pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, flavours, fragrances and materials. If this sounds of interest please contact Duncan to discuss potential projects.

Summer Students and ERASMUS placements

We welcome summer visitors to the lab, please contact Duncan early on in the academic year to discuss how to secure funding

PhD Applicants

Enquiries from prospective PhD students are always welcome, positions will usually start in October. If you are interested in a PhD position with our group please contact me as soon as possible. Opportunities for entry via the Cardiff-Bristol-Bath Catalysis CDT may be available.

Postdoctoral Applicants

Funded Postdoctoral positions within the Browne Research Group will be advertised when available. However, if you can apply for your own funding then please contact me well in advance of application submission deadlines. Outstanding candidates will receive full assistance with fellowship applications.

Industrial Visitors and Visiting Scholars

We welcome visitors to our lab, please contact Duncan to discuss 2-way Knowledge and Technology Transfer opportunities.