Duncan L. Browne

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2014 - Present - Lecturer in Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry (Cardiff University, School of Chemistry)

2010 - 2014 - Postdoctoral Research Associate (University of Cambridge, with Prof. Steven V. Ley FRS)

2012 - 2014 - Fellow in Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College)

2009 - 2010 - EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow (University of Sheffield, Mentor: Prof. Iain Coldham)

2006 - 2009 - Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Syngenta CASE (University of Sheffield, with Prof. Joseph P. A. Harrity)

2002 - 2006 - MChem (Hons) Chemistry with Study in Industry (University of Sheffield, 2004/05 at GSK)


Duncan was born in Dunstable, UK. He graduated with a MChem degree (1st class, Hons) Chemistry with study in industry from the University of Sheffield during which time he spent one year as an intern at GSK, Stevenage, UK, working in the metabolic and viral disease group. In 2009 he graduated from the same institution with a Ph.D. in Organic Synthesis (with Professor Joseph P. A. Harrity) where he worked on the development of strategies for the synthesis of pyrazole libraries, particularly through alkynylboronate cycloadditions with sydnones. During this time he spent 3 months at Syngenta, Jealotts Hill, UK, on a CASE placement working with John Taylor and Andrew Plant. Following his Ph.D. he was awarded a one year Doctoral Prize Fellowship from the EPSRC and studied benzyne cycloaddition chemistry. In 2010 he moved to the ITC and Whiffen Laboratories at the University of Cambridge as a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Professor Steven V. Ley FRS CBE. There he enjoyed developing new flow chemistry tools, techniques and synthetic methods as well as applying them to industrially relevant processing problems. In 2012 Duncan was appointed as a Fellow in Natural Sciences at Sidney Sussex College (University of Cambridge), and, in 2013 he was made Director of Studies in Natural Sciences. In September 2014, Duncan established his independent research group and became Lecturer in Organic Synthesis at Cardiff University.

Recognition & Awards

2018 - Awarded "Most Instructive Lecturer 2017/18"
2017 - Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2017 (SYNFORM - Young Career Focus)
2017 - Invited Article for “Emerging Investigators" themed issue from RSC Reaction Chemistry and Engineering
2017 - Invited Article for “Emerging Investigators" themed issue from Green Chemistry
2016 - Named as an “Outstanding Reviewer” for Reaction Chemistry and Engineering
2016 - Nominated for an Enriching Student Lives Award; 'Outstanding Doctoral Supervisor'
2016 - Nominated for an Enriching Student Lives Award; 'Most Effective Teacher'
2015 - Awarded 'Lecturer of the Semester' by Cardiff Chem. Soc.
2010 - Sheffield Retrosynthesis Competition, member of winning team (Now 'National Retrosynthesis Competition')
2009 - Awarded an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship to conduct independent research
2009 - Syngenta CASE Lecture Award
2009 - Sheffield Retrosynthesis Competition, member of winning team (Now 'National Retrosynthesis Competition')
2008 - Pfizer Poster Competition Award
2008 - Syngenta Postgraduate Scholarship Award
2008 - Sheffield Retrosynthesis Competition, member of winning team (Now 'National Retrosynthesis Competition')
2005 - GSK Industrial Placement Award

Invited Lectures & Conference Contributions

49. NMRPM 2019, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany 2019
48. 25th SCI Annual Review Meeting, SCI HQ, Belgrave Square (London) 2018
47. UKASF, AZ, Macclesfield 2018
46. Concord College (Acton Burnell) 2018
56. Departmental Research Seminar, University of Leeds (Leeds) 2018
44. Young Chemists 2018 (YC18), (Imperial College) 2018
43. BioTechne – Flow Chemsitry Workshop (Bristol) 2018
42. Ecole Th̩matique Synt_Flux РCNRS (France) 2018
41. UNICAMP – Cardiff Bilateral Research Kick-off meeting (Campinas, Brazil) 2017
40. Xiamen – Cardiff Bilateral Research Exchange Visit (Xiamen, China) 2017
39. Concord College (Acton Burnell) 2017
38. Dial-a-Molecule - Enabling Technologies Meeting – Co-organiser (Loughborough) 2017
37. Beilstein Open Science Symposium (Rüdesheim, Germany) 2017
36. Gordon Research Conference, Preclinical Form & Formulation for Drug Discovery (Stowe, VT, USA) 2017
35. Continuous Flow Processing Workshop (Syngenta, UK) 2017
34. NiceFlow Workshop (Nice, France) 2017
33. Flow Chemistry Society Congress (Mumbai, India) 2017
32. Flow Chemistry Society Congress (Miami, FL, USA) 2016
31. Cardiff-Unicamp International Meeting (Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil) 2016
30. Flow Chemistry Workshop for Drug Discovery (Montevideo, Uraguay) 2016
29. SCI-RSC Continuous Flow Chemistry III, (Robinson College, Cambridge, UK) 2016
28. Flow Chemistry Society- Flow Chemistry Europe (Magdelene College, Cambridge, UK) 2016
27. Gregynog (UK) 2015
26. Mech’Chem’ (Montpellier, France) 2015
25. Dial a Molecule Annual Meeting, (Warwick, UK) 2015
24. Sustainable Chemistry Symposium, (Bath, UK) 2015
23. Dial a Molecule Closed Loop Optimisation, (GSK, Stevenage, UK) 2015
22. 9th RSC-CRSI Joint Symposium, (Pune, India) 2015
21. IISER-RSC Joint Symposium, (Bhopal, India) 2015
20. 14th Cardiff Chemistry Conference, (Cardiff, UK) 2015
19. RSC South-West Organic Section Meeting, (Reading, UK) 2015
18. NaMiBiTech (Ifrane, Morocco) 2014
17. 7th Green Solvents Conference, (Dresden, Germany) 2014
16. Modern Synthetic Methods in Organofluorine Chemistry, (London, UK) 2014
15. 1st SSPC Conference, (Cork, Ireland) 2013
14. Dow Chemical Company (Midland MI, USA) visitor 2013
13. Zing Flow and Microwave Conference (Napa CA, USA) 2013
12. Daiichi Sankyo (Hiratsuka, Japan) 2013
11. Mettler Toledo RXE Forum (Tokyo, Japan) 2013
10. UKASF – United Kingdom Automated Synthesis Forum (Sygnature, BioCity, Nottingham) Cryo-Flow 2012
9. UKASF – United Kingdom Automated Synthesis Forum (Sygnature, BioCity, Nottingham) Flow-IR 2012
8. A Celebration of Organic Synthesis (Alderley Park, UK) 2012
7. 1st RSC/SCI Symposium on Continuous Processing, (GSK, Stevenage) 2010
6. RSC Organic Division Midlands Regional Meeting (Univ. of Leicester) 2010
5. Syngenta (Goa, India) 2009
4. J-NOST-5 (IIT Kanpur, India) 2009
3. Syngenta (Jealott’s Hill, UK) 2009
2. SCI 20th Graduate Regional Symposium (Univ of Durham) 2009
1. Pfizer Poster Symposium (Royal Society, London) 2008


Duncan is married to Anneka, and has two boys Ethan and Isaac and they live in the Welsh Valleys. Duncan enjoys spending time in the garden particularly with his Dahlia collection (one of his favourites is now on home soil !)